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Backup Guns (BUGs), To Carry or Not to Carry?

There is plenty of discussion on the topic of whether or not one should carry a Backup Gun (BUG). I say yes and carry a Bond Arms Texas Defender .410/45LC derringer. There is an old military adage that says "Two is one and one is none," aka Murphy's Law, "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." Is a firearm not a mechanical device? Do they not fail? In a self-defense situation, your heart will be racing, your stress level will be elevated and you should be moving to cover or opening the distance from your aggressor.

Reason To Carry a BUG

What if I run out of ammo; wouldn't being able to draw a second, ready to go gun be easier than trying to fumble with a magazine or speed-loader? What if I find myself in a situation where you may need to arm another competent "good guy or gal" who may not have their gun. Being able to give them my BUG may be a great option when it comes to effectively combating an aggressor or group of aggressors. What if my primary weapon has a catastrophic failure? I could draw my BUG and stay in the fight. What if I get into a struggle with an assailant trying to take your primary weapon, or if they take it? The ability to draw another firearm (depending on where it is carried) makes more sense than not having the option. What if I am in my car, on my back or in some other awkward position where drawing my primary from an IWB or OWB holster isn't feasible? Drawing my BUG from an ankle holster could be easier and faster.

Reasons Not to Carry a BUG

I keep my primary weapon in tip-top condition, I don't need a BUG. I already have to dress around one gun, why would I want to dress around two? If I carry two guns people will people think I am crazy? A lot of people think I am crazy for carrying one. Now I have to worry about two guns falling out of their holsters, or storing them if you are entering a gun-free zone ~"Huff." It is so impractical, I already carry a primary weapon, spare mags, knife, phone, lighter, flashlight and so on.

To Carry or Not to Carry a BUG, it is only meant to give you something to think about. Carrying a BUG is a personal choice, as is carrying a concealed weapon in the first place. I can not tell you if a BUG is right for you; all I ask is if you decide to carry a BUG make sure you train with it, as you do your primary.

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